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The story behind the book

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The story behind the book

Jon Brown

When Elizabeth from IVP first approached me with the idea of writing MORE > Real I wasn’t hard to convince. I loved the idea and had a few things I needed to get off my chest.

I’ve spent the last decade watching friend after friend walk away from Jesus and I’ve come close myself. It’s caused me to wrestle with some uncomfortable questions.

Jesus said that he offers ‘life and life to the full’ and the Bible claims that we can ‘taste and see that the Lord is good.’ If that’s God’s promise then why do so many people reject it? Why do so many people walk away? And not just teenagers but these are my friends in their twenties and thirties and beyond – people who have been in church for years.

Is it that God isn’t good or is it that people haven’t ‘tasted’ the real thing?

If indeed God is good then have we misunderstood what it means to experience him? Have we presented a relationship with God that’s not based on the reality and truth of the gospel. I think we have, and I think we need to talk about it if we want to have genuine relationships with God.

In MORE > Real we look at central aspects of following Jesus, what’s fake and what’s real. Exploring how we relate with God and how we relate with other.

We look at heartfelt, raw prayer, authentic and vulnerable relationships, the growth and faith that’s possible during times of doubt and disappointment. We explore the hope and happiness that’s available for us to taste and see when we really know who Jesus is and all he’s done.

This book, like the others, points readers back to the Bible and encourages them to mine the eternal truths that it contains. Its accompanying, free study guide (available at enables readers to use the book in both devotional and small group settings.


My prayer is that this book saves someone from walking away from church or walking away from God. My prayer is that no one else feels alone. My prayer is that every reader would come away with a greater peace, greater confidence and greater desire for authentic relationship with God and others.