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Confessions & Reflections

Jon Brown

A friend of a friend got her hands on a copy of my book.

As I love to do with anyone who reads it, I asked for her to let me know her thoughts on it when she’d finished it. Her refections and honest personal confessions were great to read and I felt like they would strike a chord with others.

Here’s her unedited message, used with permission:

Finished your book! Hard to summarise my thoughts...In short: yes yes yes!
It was refreshing to read honest & real reflections on faith.
It’s really relatable-hits a nerve as highlights my own struggles over & over. I’m often reflecting on unmet expectations, unfulfilled desires & disappointments. Repeated thought patterns on life & faith: Am I where God wants me, am I in the right place house sharing, should I be trying to buy a house/how long should I be in this phase of life for, am I in the right church, is it right/OK to ask that question? (Francis Chan’s book challenged me to think church isn’t about fulfilling my needs) but church can be a hard place to be, to build community with few people in same life stage, especially when majority are in what’s perceived as next stage of life-where I thought I’d be by now, married perhaps with kids. Don’t get me wrong I love diversity, the wisdom of people 20+ years older in my life group & friendships with families, but sometimes it would be easier with a few running alongside in the single & working professional zone! It frustrates me that that 20/30s are widely missing in churches & that the church can often fail to see the urgency to reach them, hard to know how I can play a role in that.
Often I feel nostalgic, & want to go back to years of teens, where we were all in same life stage.
It’s easy to question, to be sceptical in faith & church, to hide how you really feel & be too proud to be honest.
I’m refreshed by your honesty & challenged to keep pressing into God, to find security in my identity in Him and to really learn what it means to walk freely, live life sacrificially, but in the lane that God has for me-without looking to left/right, comparing with others.
Sorry, that’s a rambled overshare of reflections on my life, you just asked for thoughts on your book!
But I guess the impact of your book is modelling honesty, encourages honesty! So if that’s one of the results of your book, then you’ll have made a positive mark on all who read it. Good job!